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Mobile Phones - FAQs

With the new initiative of mobile phones being banned in school, there will undoubtedly be questions that parents/carers will have.  Please find below frequently asked questions:

What do I do if I need to contact my child during the school day?

  • If you urgently need to contact your child through the school day, you should contact the school office via email or phone call and we will get a message to your son/ daughter.

What happens if my child needs to contact me?

  • If a pupil needs to contact you, they can visit their pastoral support manager, main reception or, if it is medically related, the first aid room to make a phone call at break or lunchtime.

When can I collect the confiscated phone?

  • These will be available to collect all day from the main school office until 16:00, after this time a member of the site team will be available to assist you until 20:00.

I cannot get to the school to collect my child's phone, what should I do?

  • You can arrange for another responsible adult to collect the phone on your behalf.  Phones will not be released back to pupils under any circumstances.

I wish to buy a basic phone, which one should I get?

My child's phone has been heard in their bag, but they were not using it.

  • Under the new policy, phones should be switched off at 08:30 or before. Therefore phones would not be heard if is was followed. The phone will be confiscated.

What happens if my child's phone gets damaged?

  • Phones and any other valuable items that are brought into school are the responsibility of the pupil themselves. This is more reason for pupils to only bring a basic model phone to school.

Can my child use their phone at break time and lunch time?

  • No phones should be seen or heard throughout the course of the day including break time or lunch time.