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Telephone : 01227 931300 Email : Office


We aim to respond to enquiries within 24 hours, but as we are putting learning first, please be patient as we may be teaching or dealing with a school matter.  Below is an extensive list of contacts, click on the name to start an email conversation.  General enquiries and messages can be left at reception if you are unsure who to contact.

Key Contacts

Receptionist (general enquiries)- Mrs L 01227 931300

Admissions Administrator - Mrs J or 01227 931340  

Attendance Officer - Mrs N Loxley-Jones: or 01227 931345

Exams Officer - Mrs A or 01227 931346

Caretakers/site team - The  

Chair of Governors - Mrs N Hodges (contact via the Clerk at  

Network Manager - Mr S or 01227 931313

Form Tutors

A daily point of contact for all pupils.  To email a Form Tutor directly, please use the following email format:  the staff member’s initial and surname (with no spaces or full-stops) followed by  For example, for Mr J Smith the email would be

Pastoral Support Managers (PSMs)

Non-teaching members of staff who have more time to help with day-to-day organisation, welfare and behavioural issues:

Year 7 and SEND: Miss K McGorrin:

Year 8 and 9: Miss R Tracy:

Years 10 and 11:  Mrs A Knapp:

Years 12 and 13:  Mr L Lane:

Subjects Leaders/Directors

To discuss a subject-related matter, please contact the Subject Leader or Director.

English, inc. Media/Film - Ms K Gee BA (Hons):

Maths - Mr G Yates BA (Hons):

Science - Mr C Donovan-Bayley BSc (Hons):

Art - Mrs S Connell BA (Hons):

Geography - Mr J Brewster BSc (Hons):

History -  Ms T Coleman:

ICT and Technologies - Mr M Mousavi BA (Hons):

Modern Foreign Languages - Ms M Amboage:

Performing Arts - Mr A Granville BA (Hons):

Philosophy, Ethics & Values - Mr M Waters BA (Hons):

Physical Education - Mrs S Merrick BA (Hons):

Senior Leadership Team

Not always as readily available as other staff; please see if someone else can assist you first.

Headteacher - Mrs A M Gibson MA:

Deputy Headteacher (Teaching & Learning) - Mr S Scales BA (Hons):

Senior Assistant Headteacher (Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare) - Mr D Chaplin MA:

Assistant Headteacher (Sixth Form/Post 16) - Mrs L Brown BA (Hons):

Assistant Headteacher (Data Strategy & Year 9 pupil progress) - Mr D Costley BA (Hons):

Director of English - Ms K Gee BA (Hons):

Director of Maths - Mr G Yates BA (Hons):

Director of Science - Mr C Donovan-Bayley BSc (Hons):

SEN Co-ordinator (SENCO) - Mrs L Murphy MSc: