Our Values

The Whitstable School:

  • Has high expectations of our pupils and our staff as life-long learners
  • Will aspire for achievement beyond expectation
  • Focuses on learning, engagement and progress
  • Celebrates shared values showing care, courtesy and consideration              

Achievement in all subjects is monitored closely ensuring aspirational but realistic targets are set for each learner. The targets will be shared and the journey towards achievement will be celebrated throughout the school community. Pupil voice is gathered to enable the pupil body to be listened to and help shape their school.

Conduct throughout the school shows care, courtesy and consideration. Pupils that fall short of expectations will be dealt with swiftly, effectively and fairly. Mutual respect permeates the school and relationships between staff and pupils are positive. A form tutor meets your child every day and delivers engaging activities that prepare pupils with transferable skills and support wellbeing.

Our shared school values are illustrated by our ‘on TRACK’ system.

These core values are central in all we do at The Whitstable School and are linked intrinsically to classroom behaviours, pedagogy and IBCP learner profiles.

We promote these values with all stakeholders and celebrate pupils who demonstrate these values.


I listen carefully to other pupils' views and opinions.

I show understanding and respect for others and do not discriminate.


I accept that making mistakes is part of learning.

I display a positive attitude to all tasks I undertake.


I celebrate my own and other people's successes.

I strive to achieve in all that I do and support others to achieve.


I listen at all times and contribute when requested.

I display excellent manners and at all times treat everyone with respect.


I take pride in my work and am willing to answer questions.

I value knowledge and understand that it is the cornerstone to a good education.