School meals

The school restaurant is open to all students and provides hot meals as well as snacks and drinks at break and at lunchtime, the restaurant also provides breakfast before school. 

The school restaurant is run by a team from Cucina - Impact Food Group.  

Information about Free School Meals can be found here.

Cashless School Meal Service

We use a cashless system in our restaurant for the school meal service as this provides a more efficient, faster and higher quality of service. The system uses fingerprint biometric technology (images of fingerprints are not stored) and will eliminate the need to carry cash within the school.  Accounts can be topped up using ParentPay.

  • The system scans a finger at the till and debits the relevant account. 
  • The system uses ParentPay.
  • Money needs to be credited to the ParentPay account before purchases can be made.
  • Each student has a £5 daily spend limit, if this is not enough please contact the school on to request a higher daily spend limit.
  • Each account has an overdraft allowance for 1 meal, should a student go into this facility when the account is next topped up the outstanding balance will be debited.


ParentPay can be used to pay for school dinners, trips and clubs.  It is easy to set up, if you have any questions regarding ParentPay please contact our admin team who will be happy to help.

ParentPay Information for Parents