Parents' Evening

Parents' Evening information and letters.

2021 - 2022 Parents' Evening Dates

All Parents' Evenings will be held between 3.30pm and 7pm.

Date Year Group
25th November 2021 Year 13
2nd December 2021 Year 11
9th December 2021 Year 8
27th January 2022 Year 7
24th March 2022 Year 9
31st March 2022 Year 13 (pre-exams)
28th April 2022 Year 11 (pre-exams)
16th June 2022 Year 10 (post mock exams)

School Cloud Video System

All parents' evenings will be run via video chat using School Cloud software.

Below is a video that talks you through every step of the process.

Each appointment will be a maximum of 5 minutes long (the same as a face to face parents' evening) this is adequate for an update on your child's progress.

If you think you need more time or wish to discuss something in more depth please notify the teacher in the comment box when you book, they can arrange to contact you at a later date.

How to Book

For each Parents' Evening the booking system will go live at least 10 days before. 

You will receive notification via email and MCAS with details of when bookings will open and how to book.

If you have any problems with booking or need support please contact the school office or email

Parent Feedback

We surveyed those parents who have attended video parents' evening.

Below is some of their feedback:

"Initially I thought a 5 minute appointment wouldn't be long enough, but surprisingly it was.  I think it's more time effective for teachers and parents alike"

"Easy to use, timings meant everything was concise and relevant, no lines of waiting parents!"

"I found this system efficient and I got to see all the teachers I wanted to within half an hour"

"It was nice to have 1-1 with the teacher without noise from other parents' consultations"

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in?
To log into the software you should follow the link:,
here you will need to enter your details and your child's details.

I have gone to log in, but it won't let me?
Check the bookings are live, in your letter you will find the date and time bookings are live. 

Bookings have closed can I still book?
Yes you can, but you will need to call the school on 01227 931300.  Bookings close the evening before each parents' evening to allow teachers adequate time to prepare.

Can both parents join an appointment from different locations?
Yes they can, the booker will need to invite the other parent by adding their email address at the time of booking.  Both parents should use their individual email links and not share the same link as this will not work.

Am I limited to how many appointments I can make?
We feel that 8 appointments per child is adequate and will allow all parents the opportunity to speak with the subject teachers they need to.

I am having problems with connectivity.
Check you are in a location with good WiFi or 4G, sometimes this can drop out throughout the call.  Make sure if you have invited another parent that you are not using the same link, if you do when the other parent joins, the system will remove you from the call.

The teacher was not there.
If the teacher was not present for any reason please email the school on 


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