Your First Day

Your first day

Your first day will be Wednesday 31st August 2022.

Please arrive at the school between 8.15 and 8.25 and report to a member of staff at the front of the school by the Totum Pole. Do not arrive any earlier than 8.15.  You will be working with a team who have been trained to support you and ensure you feel confident as you move through the school. If you have any questions, they are the best people to ask as they will be with you for the day.


Mrs Stephens (your PSM) will be around during the day. The teachers will do everything they can to help you settle into your new school. Remember, if you have any concerns or difficulties you can approach any one of the school community to help you. Don’t worry about any questions that you may have. We would prefer to answer your questions than have you feeling anxious.

Lunch and Snacks

You are advised to bring along a bottle of water. The school tries hard to be as ‘plastic free’ as possible so we prefer you to bring a re-fillable bottle. It’s also worth having a snack to eat at break time to keep your energy levels up. While we organise your biometric thumbprint (or your PIN), we would like you to bring in a packed lunch. During break and lunchtimes, teachers and Mentors will be on hand. Our older pupils are looking forward to seeing you too and there will be opportunities for you to see sisters, brothers and your friends from other year groups. You will find the school is a friendly and calm place. 

End of the day

After your lessons, at 3.10pm you will be escorted to the Year 7 exit (Totum Pole). Parents and siblings can wait for you outside the building, or you can walk home with friends. 

Equipment list

  • 2 black pens
  • 2 pencils
  • Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Calculator
  • Reading book
  • Choice Card Booklet (the school will provide your first one, additional copies can be purchased)


We want our pupils to wear their uniform with pride, ties are red or blue depending on what House you are in.  We will tell you your House before you start.

Click here for more information about uniform.  Barnums in Herne Bay sell our full uniform range, you can also purchase the PE kit online through Ambition Sport.

You do not need to bring your PE kit every day, only on the days you do PE or dance.