Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we have received from new pupils or their families.

What do I do when I arrive at school?

Apart from the first day, you can enter the school from 8.25* and go to the restaurant for your breakfast or meet with your friends. 
*This is dependent on any Covid Restrictions in place.

How much do lunches cost?

Our main meal and dessert cost £2.40. Our caterers operate a cashless payment system which will be set up on your arrival to the school using your thumbprint (biometric). If you or your parents would prefer you not to use this method, you will be given a short PIN which is used at the cash desk for payment.  Click here to read more about our on site catering.

How do I apply for Free School Meals?

If your child is currently registered to receive Free School Meals, that entitlement will automatically transfer to secondary education and no action is needed.

If your financial situation has changed recently, you may wish to check whether or not you are eligible to receive this benefit. Click here to access the Local Authority's website, which will explain the eligibility criteria and application process.

What should I do if I need to go to the toilet?

There are a number of toilets in the school and we will show you where they are on your first day. You could mark them on your map to help find them again. If you need the toilet during a lesson, then ask a teacher. We would prefer you to get used to using toilets during breaks, rather than missing a lesson to go.

What should I do if I am worried about something, who do I see?

Talk things through with your friends first. Go to your mentor or Mrs Stephens who will give you advice.  If you have concerns about bullying or the safety of another pupil, there is a safe text number 07756 477773 which you can use without another pupil knowing. Your message will be picked up by a member of staff who will come and discreetly talk to you. 

What will I do if I get lost?

Don’t worry about losing your way around school. You can use your map and timetable to work it out independently. Otherwise you could stop any pupil or member of staff to ask.

Will I have my own locker?

Due to Covid restrictions pupils are not assigned lockers, when this changes we will let pupils and parents know.

How much homework will I get?

Homework may be new to some of you but it is a great way for us to check you understand the knowledge you have learnt in lessons. You will get homework most evenings so try to do the homework on the night you receive it. If you would prefer you can complete homework at school, the library is open until 4.00pm every day. 

Can I bring my ipod / headphones into school?

We recommend that you do not bring these items into school as they aren’t covered by the school’s insurance and we know you would be upset if anything happened to them.

Can I use my mobile phone in the middle of the day?

Mobile phones are useful for quickly communicating with friends and family. However, we have noticed that they can be a distraction from schoolwork and a barrier to talking face to face with those around you. We listened to our student leadership and decided to ask pupils to keep their phones switched off during the day. Between the hours of 8.35 to 3.05, your phone should be switched off and left in your bag.

What happens if I urgently need to contact someone during the day?

We understand that this may happen. It’s best to go to see Mrs Stephens or another staff member and explain the situation. If you are seen using your phone, it will be confiscated until the end of the day when it will be need to be collected by your parent / carer. If your parents need to contact you during the day, then they must call the school directly and not your mobile phone.

What happens if I feel poorly or hurt myself during the day?

There may be occassion when you feel ill during the school day or may sustain an injury.  If this happens talk to your teacher.  They will contact our Welfare Assistant Ms Dean or one of our trained First Aiders who may come to the class to see you depending on your symptoms.  If you are poorly or injured during lunch or break tell a member of staff who is on duty, they will be wearing a hi-vis vest.

Parents and carers are informed via email for non-urgent incidents, and by telephone for anything requiring further investigation or treatment.