Physical Education

Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up.  Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”  Michael Jordan 2003.

The physical education department aims to promote physical activity and wellbeing through a range of team and individual activities. Through practical lessons and extra-curricular activities, we plan to inspire all pupils to continue to be physically active inside and outside of school and long into the future. We see physical education as key to personal development, especially leadership, communication and teamwork, allowing pupils to develop these life skills in a sporting environment.  Giving opportunities to share and impart knowledge to peers and beyond.

Subject Leader:  Mrs S Merrick (

Key stage 3 Physical Education:

 “We enjoy taking part in a variety of activities and have the opportunity to show our leadership skills.”  Abbie, Year 8. (Ambassador)

In key stage 3, the curriculum is designed to inspire all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. Pupils will be given the opportunity to become physically aware in a way that supports the development of their health and fitness. Whilst giving opportunities to grow in their confidence whilst evaluating their own and others performances.

The curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities.
  • Are physically active for sustained periods of time.
  • Develop their understanding of the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Develop problem solving skills and interpersonal skills, which will have much wider application.
  • Develop positive attitude
  • Provide opportunities to compete in competitive sports in a range of disciplines.
  • Opportunities to attend district trials, where appropriate.

Throughout KS3 pupils will build on and embed the physical development and skills learned in key stages 1 and 2, becoming more competent, confident and expert in their techniques, and apply them across different sports and physical activities.

Pupils will be taught to:

  • Use a range of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in direct competition through team and individual games including badminton, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, netball, rounders, rugby, volleyball and table tennis.
  • Develop their technique and improve their performance in other competitive sports including athletics, gymnastics and climbing.
  • Take part in outdoor and adventurous activities which present intellectual and physical challenges and be encouraged to work in a team, building on trust and developing skills to solve problems, either individually or as a group.
  • Analyse their performances compared to previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best.
  • Lead others and develop skill sets to enhance their learning and others to be a better leader and develop integration within a team. Focusing on moral and teamwork.

Key stage 4 Physical Education:

In Core PE pupils have the opportunity to take ownership of their curriculum and select physical activities that interest them with a hope that this can lead to life-long participation in sport.

‚Äč“I really enjoy learning about the theoretical aspects of sport in my BTEC option lessons which have shown me that there is so much more to sport and has opened opportunities that I potentially can uses within a future career that I was not aware of.”  Lucy Year 11.   

Key stage 5 Physical Education:

“I enjoy the discussions aspects and debates that are always eye opening, this course has provided me with options for the future and prepared me for university and life in the future.”  Luke Year 13