Without mathematics, there is nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.


Subject overview:

The concept of mathematics is an amazing achievement of humankind. It has provided us with an insight and explanation into the way the world works, helped us to develop technology and medicine and is worthy of study as a subject in its own right. Within the field of mathematics, you can find beauty as well as logic, chaos as well as structure and poetry as well as science.

No matter whom you are; there is a strand of mathematics that could inspire, excite and challenge you as you seek to make your contribution to the world – either within mathematics itself or used as an application within a separate field.

The study of mathematics will develop you as a person, helping you to improve your analytical, communication and problem-solving skills – each very desirable in the working world.

In addition to this, pupils have their own login to the website Mathswatch Pupils can complete targeted work to revise and improve, coupled with explanatory video clips. Every clip has real exam questions for pupils to do - because we all know that to be good at maths, a pupil has to do it, not just watch it.

Director:  Mr G Yates (

Key stage 3 maths

“I struggled with maths before, but now I feel more confident because I get help from the teachers and other pupils. Now I enjoy maths, in fact, it is my favourite subject!”  Luke - Year 8.

At key stage 3, pupils build on their knowledge from primary school covering the 5 areas of the mathematical syllabus – number, proportion, algebra, geometry and statistics.  At TWS we use a range of textbooks from Collins Maths Frameworking (3rd edition) to support the learning of the pupils.

Events and challenges such as the National Junior Maths Challenge by UKMT are a regular feature in the mathematical calendar.

Key stage 4 maths

“Out of all my subjects, maths is the subject I feel most confident in.  I feel the teacher ‘gets me’ and understands how to help me achieve my best. The class is friendly and everyone supports and helps each other."  David - Year 11.

At key stage 4, pupils continue on their maths journey with the added emphasis on real world maths.  It is important that pupils not only understand the abstract mathematical concepts and how that they can be used in a real world context to solve problems. At TWS we use a range of textbooks from Collins GCSE Maths to support the learning of the pupils.